Cowm Reservoir

Whitworth's water supply originally came from Cowm Reservoir until it became polluted in the 1970s. The former reservoir now provides water ski facilities for the able bodied and also for the BDWSA - British Disabled Water Skiers Association. It's a popular walk for local people along the levelled footpath that now encompasses the reservoir. Tree planting schemes, (including a Life for a Life Memorial Forest at Cowm Reservoir) are encouraging birds and wildlife to return to the area. A bridal path circulates the reservoir and remnants of the old Convent can still be seen on the far side of the reservoir. At certain points around the reservoir you can only see farms on the hills as a result it sometimes is called "the little lake district". The 2 reservoirs, at Cowm and Spring Mill, were completed in 1877 and 1887 to augment Rochdale’s water supplies