Ellenroad Engine House

n the late 1880's the Ellenroad spinning Company was formed to respond to the boom in the cotton trade. They turned to the well respected Oldham architects, Scott & Sons, who managed the design and construction. The mill was a modern "fireproof" structure of five storeys, 100 yards long and 50 yards wide with a conditioning cellar and warehouse. It accommodated 99,756 mule spindles made by Platts of Oldham with drawing frames and carding machines. The engine house was a separate building. The company went to the local firm of J&W McNaught for the steam engine and chose a triple-expansion horizontal engine. This gave the greatest efficiency in terms of power per ton of coal. Steam was raised by five Lancashire boilers which needed a 220ft chimney to provide enough draft. In 1892 the engines were named Victoria and Alexandra and the first cotton was produced.