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Doctor at War: An Irish M.O. escapes from Colditz by Ion Freguson

Doctor Ferguson's stirring account of his experiences during World War II. He created a name for himself as an incorrigible trouble maker when in the hands of his German captors. His bizarre adventures before, during and after capture make thrilling reading.
Dr. Ion Ferguson had a GP practice on Church Street in Whitworth for a number of years.
The book was available on Amazon, but please keep checking to see if it comes back into stock.

More Lancashire Murders by Alan Hayhurst

In this follow-up to "Lancashire Murders", Alan Hayhurst brings together more murderous tales that shocked not only the county but made headline news throughout the nation. They include the case of Oldham nurse Elizabeth Berry, who poisoned her own daughter for the insurance money in 1887; Margaret Walber, who beat her husband to death in Liverpool in 1893; John Smith, the young Home-Guardsman who shot his ex-girlfriend in broad daylight at Whitworth in 1941; and, Norman Green, who was hanged for the murder of two young boys in Wigan in the 1950s, but may have been responsible for a third death as well.

The Shawforth story from1941 is very gruesome and the photographs in the book are harrowing. It is available on Amazon and most good local book shops.


Mountain Flowers - The Dolomites by Cliff Booker and David Chorlton

At last! A superb, beautifully illustrated, inexpensive and user-friendly reference book for flower enthusiasts visiting the Dolomites. Collett’s has teamed up with our longest-standing and popular flower walk organisers, Cliff Booker and David Charlton, to produce a handy-sized, ring-bound pocket book, which can only enhance the experience of anyone visiting the Dolomites to enjoy the magnificent and diverse flora. Using a minimum of technical language and featuring stunning photographic close-ups, ‘Mountain Flowers - The Dolomites’ is available exclusively through Collett's Mountain Holidays. You can buy a copy at £9.95 (plus £1.65 UK P&P) when booking your holiday or use our order form below. We aim to follow up this book with versions for the Picos de Europa and the Pyrenees.

Whitworth author, lecturer and photographer Cliff Booker lives in Whitworth and this book should be a massive hit with gardeners, travellers, hikers and flower lovers everywhere

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